13 Best Ways to Stay Productive While High

13 Best Ways to Stay Productive While High on Cannabis

Marijuana comes in different strains. You have the body relaxing Indicas responsible for the couch-lock and lazy body soothing cannabis effects

On the other hand, you have the power horse head high Sativas that will keep you productive while high

Sativas will get you creative, energetic, chatty and give you the morale to get through a busy, productive while high.

You can, however, jumpstart your brain with the following activities to keep you productive while high

1. Choose a Suitable Cannabis Strain

The strain of cannabis you choose to consume is the most important factor in the things to help you stay productive while high

With the right cannabis strain, you can guarantee to stay productive while high because the marijuana strain gives you a cerebral boost and morale to get things done

2. Stay Active

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, and not even a head-high cannabis strain can beat that. After consuming your energy boosting cannabis strain, back it up with active ideas on your to-do list

3. Eat Well

One renowned effect of cannabis is the munchies. We can all agree it’s impossible to get anything done with a grumbling stomach, and cannabis doesn’t make it any easier because your body demands food

To stay productive while high, ensure to eat before getting stoned and even after when your body demands

4. Avoid Distractions

A cerebral boosting cannabis strain that keeps you productive while high usually also makes you happy and chatty, so it’s easy to get distracted

It’s essential to surround yourself with people and things that will help you achieve your set goals

5. Set Goals and Deadlines

Without goals, it’s easy for our days to slide by without achieving anything. So to stay productive when high, set deadlines for those things you have been dreading to do.

You will find them fun

6. Stay Organized

You can’t afford to be clumsy and disorganized on a day you want to stay productive while high because the effects spill to your whole day, and you end up running in circles without accomplishing anything.

7. Know Your Limits

Though the right strain of cannabis can help you stay productive while high, it’s essential to know your body’s limits and not overwork it.

8. Pace Yourself

Take every step of your task as it comes. Only proceed to the next when the current one has been completed, and the results are evident.

There’s a chance you will get new ideas because your creativity has been enhanced. However, it is not advisable to pursue those. Instead, write them down and get back to them later.

9. Microdose

This is administering cannabis in low doses to avoid full-body effects and instead get mild effects.

Rather than smoking a whole joint or munching on an entire edible, you take half a joint or one bite of your edible when micro-dosing. You need to take enough to keep you motivated, not stoned or high. 

Once you figure out the amount or quantity that motivates you enough, take one every one hour to maintain.

10. Stick to Light Snacks

Once you hit a joint and the munchies kick in, it is advisable to stick to light and easy-going snacks. It is tempting to order fast food or fix yourself a heavy meal, but all of this will kill your motivation and distract you from the task at hand.

You need to opt for light and healthy foods. Fruits and your veggies can do the trick. Water is paramount as it will keep you hydrated and full. Other foods to opt for are grains and nuts

11. Don’t Make Excuses

Procrastination is a thief of time. Marijuana, however, is known to be good for self-reflection. It gives users a refreshing view of themselves and can therefore help uncover more creative ways of terminating tasks. Unfortunately, many people deal with self-doubt and usually use it as an excuse to lay back after a hit.

12. Be Realistic

Your goals when you are high should not be so divergent from goals you would set on a sober day. You need to hold yourself to a realistic standard.

However, it is important to remember that setting few goals means you will spread them out and work slowly, while setting too many goals will make you rush and produce substandard results.

Finding what is perfect for you will take time and a bit of experimentation, but once the first step is done, it is easier.

13. Take Breaks

Getting huge loads of work done at once sometimes leads to mental exhaustion that causes a sleepy instead of productive high. Take frequent breaks when trying to do work after a hit.

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